It's official, as of February 16th we can REOPEN to the public!!!

Please follow our guidelines to stay safe at this time.
1) Only two customers can be inside the store at a time. Please, wait for your turn if someone is inside. We encourage you to browse our window displays at the front of the store.
2) Upon entering please use the hand sanitizer provided and follow our signs. Please be considerate and patient as we take all precautions seriously.
3) Customers are only allowed in with a face mask. NO SHOES NO MASK NO SERVICE INDOORS!
4) Handle only the items that you intend to purchase.
5)Please be advised that if you live, work, have travelled to a Covid Hot spot or refuse to wear a mask, we request that you do not enter our store. We will be happy to provide you curbside by messaging ahead of time. ☎️🛍️📚
6) I think we ALL need to remember to be kind and patient!😃 This is a difficult time for small businesses as they adjust once again to new protocols & regulations. Remember, it is for everyone's health & safety, if you can't be kind & patient maybe just stay away! 💕💕💕

I also want to say a big THANK YOU, to my book loving customers for being so supportive and continuing to practice prevention measures when shopping at our location. 🛍️🛒📚

Stay healthy, keep reading and always be kind! 📖
Troy Disabato 🤓📖
Stayner's friendly bookseller
Torn Pages 📖📚