Four years ago ...

Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up!

Four years ago on the third weekend of July, Torn Pages opened its doors for the very first time. It wasn't an easy time of my life when everything seemed to be falling apart, however I am truly grateful for the obstacles and challenges I had to face during that time. It made me who I am today.
It would have been easier to throw in the towel. However, with the amazing support from my family, my friends and the town of Stayner.
There's a time when a man needs to fight, and a time when he needs to accept that his destiny is lost, that the ship has sailed, and that only a fool will continue. The truth is, I've always been a fool.
I'm happy that I didn't listen and kept going with this dream of mine called Torn Pages.

Now, all I can say is that after four years under my belt and I couldn't be happier so thank you for all of your support, your kindness and love.

Troy from Torn Pages

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